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Kensington Palace has a rich history dating back to the early 17th century when it was originally known as Nottingham House. It was later purchased by William and Mary in 1689, who commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to expand and renovate the property, turning it into the palace we know today. 

Over the centuries, Kensington Palace has been a residence for various members of the British royal family. It has been the birthplace and childhood home of many notable figures, including Queen Victoria.

One of the exhibitions within Kensington Palace is "Victoria Revealed," which delves into the life of Queen Victoria. The exhibition includes personal items, clothing, and insights into her role as a queen and wife.

The Sunken Garden, located within the palace grounds, is a beautiful and well-maintained garden known for its vibrant flower displays. It is a popular spot for visitors to enjoy a peaceful stroll.

Adjacent to Kensington Palace is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. It is a playground designed for children, featuring a Peter Pan theme and providing a fun and imaginative space for play.


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